When you are admitted to Warm Care Confinement Centre, you will be made to feel completely at home with all the state-of-the-art facilities you need and a highly skilled and experienced team will support you all the time during your postpartum stay here.

Luxury Postpartum Suites

5 units of exclusive postpartum suites are meticulously designed to provide a homely and conducive environment for you to recuperate your body, mind and soul. Each room is well-maintained and equipped with the facilities and thoughtful services as following:

(a) Spacious and private postpartum room
(b) Air-conditioner
(c) Television
(d) Wi-Fi access
(e) 24 hours nurse-call button
(f) Laundry service
(g) Confinement lady & experienced nurse helps care for baby 24 hours per day
(h) Air purifier

Gated and Guarded Security: Security is of utmost importance at Warm Care Confinement Centre and there are guards on duty for the full 24 hours to ensure your baby's safety and your peace of mind in a safe and secure environment. Traditional Secret Recipes for Postpartum Mom: Consuming healthy and nutritious foods is important for all postpartum mothers especially in their first 28 days postnatal period after the birth. Besides the foods are prepared by our highly skilled catering team, we will also deliver the freshly home-cooked confinement meals right to your door-step. Infused with traditional Chinese medicine, the 28 days or 4 weeks Chinese confinement diet is believed to replenish the health of postpartum mothers with good nutrition.